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When great things happened, we'd love to share.

In 1991, we founded BLUE STONE in Taipei. The inspiration to join design field is because we are fascinated to the Italian furniture. This is first step to BLUE STONE. Gradually, people get to know those artworks an able to see and touch the furniture in front of their eyes.

In 1999, BLUE STONE start with accessories and living objects, to create another line join to the store. We collected artworks, design brands into BLUE STONE. This is our second step.

Regarding to create the artworks, design had become the most popular issue and related with our aesthetics, stories, personality and localization. Blue Stone started to take those elements in, and also search brands are from worldwide. We act and makes people can touch design, to know more about design from other countries. Although, they are from different design concepts, & multi- cultures, they are still in one language – desire, to fulfill with passion and make a better life.

The trend of design has changed all the time. This trend is leading BLUE STONE in different styles. We used to be in elegance, enthusiastic, and also with sense of humor. We had been in high fashion, or pragmatic. But there is one thing we never change is to show with passion and big smile in our life. Design world should be share with great communication. Once you walk into BLUE STONE, we hope you will have a whole new experience about design, and we wish someday people could hear more about design in Taiwan.

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02 2880 6898
02 2880 6898
Business Time
Mon-Fri 10:00~19:30
3F., No.11, Qiangang St., Shilin Dist., Taipei City
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